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Find Green 411 was designed to promote green local businesses that incorporate environmental and social responsibility, to strengthen community and perhaps most importantly, to make it easy for consumers to find environmentally friendly, sustainable products and services in Texas.


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Austin, Texas     Austin Green Business Directory

green business directoryOne of the Greenest Cities in the U.S.
green business directoryTo be completely carbon free by 2020
green business directoryOffering the best Farmer Market's in Texas
green business directoryAmple solar energy, wind, recycling, biodiesel, & green
          building programs

Houston     Houston Green Business Directory

green business directoryHouston is the #1 purchaser of green power in the nation
green business directoryIncreasing the city’s green space
green business directoryIn the heart of downtown, Discovery Green
green business directoryLeading the state in LEED Existing Buildings

green business directory

San Antonio     San Antonio Green Business Directory

green business directoryThe Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute at UTSA
green business directorySan Antonio is investing in green jobs with its Mission
          Verde plan
green business directoryRenewable energy investments,including solar & wind power
green business directoryGreater investments will be made in renewable energy, smart
          grids, & plug-in hybrid vehicles

green business directory

Dallas/Fort Worth     DFW Green Business Directory

green business directoryCity of Dallas has the most effective recycling education
green business directory1,100 environmentally friendly vehicles in Dallas's motor pool
green business directoryFort Worth's green energy plans generated from wind, solar,
          hydropower & biomass sources
green business directoryDeveloped a long range water storage plan